Empty bottles
Empty tires
Swinging from a pepper tree
A can of gas that didn’t last
A trifle now the engine’s seized
A dusty road that leads you back
To the place you tried to leave
The Lord’s prayer that left you there
With hands full of fruitless seeds
Steady streams of blackened thoughts
You pulled out of the fire
Then tried them on, before too long
The cold made them expire
So shut your eyes and shut the blinds
Pull down hard upon the cord
Until it snaps, the last synapse
With madness knocking at your door
Try to sleep
Shallow or deep
But you’ve been counting
Wolves as sheep
The ravenous beasts
Devour sleep
And nevermore calls you on the cheap
And makes you start to wonder when
You’ll ever rest your head again
And ever sleep again
The answer comes, never again