John DiFelice was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  His childhood was filled with hilarious adventures, colorful characters, and he’s not allowed to write about any of it because his parents, like Holden Caulfield’s,  would have two conniptions apiece if he revealed anything remotely personal.  Instead, he learned to make things up, which led to his love of writing fiction.  This was, in fact, his third attempt to write this paragraph.

After writing a really bad, Gen-Xer, angst-ridden novel in his mid-twenties, he didn’t write anything for a long time because he was so ashamed.  That changed when he joined a sketch comedy troupe in Philadelphia and wrote sketches for an original monthly show.  During that time he had two full-length plays produced off-Broad Street, and had a short story published in a collection called South Philly Fiction (Don Ron Books, 2013).  His debut novel, American Zeroes, was published in July 2016, and for a time was #1 in the Kindle Store in the Satire category.John  lives in Philadelphia with his wife and  son.  He is working on his second novel, Traffic Girl Wars.