American Zeroes

A huge, brutish man accuses his neighbors of being terrorists without offering any proof. A short, bald man who wants nothing more than to restore Russia to its former glory pulls the brute’s strings. Is this about current events? No, this was written more than a year before Trump announced his candidacy and it was published four months before his election to office. It is about Jeremiah Stumpf, a man who shuns facts in favor of fiction and thinks he and he alone can save the United States of America.  But who will save America from him?

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A darkly comic bit of brilliance. The crispness and rapid pace of the writing forces readers to pay attention and take it seriously, but most people will find themselves shaking their heads in amazement or amusement at the bold strangeness of the story. DiFelice knocks this story out of the park, brilliantly blending philosophy, paranoia, brotherhood, patriotism and hot-button issues into a romping novel that seems remarkably contemporary, but also clever enough to stand the test of time.
– Self-Publishing Review

A timely, satirical look at the American Far Right and extreme xenophobia, AMERICAN ZEROES is a post-9/11 Candide that took LSD from an American flag stamp.

The ending fulfills Jeremiah’s apocalyptic nihilism. But don’t confuse his view of the world with DiFelice’s. This novel–funny, sometimes dazzling and scary–has a generous heart (much closer, I think, to Confederacy of Dunces than to Naked Lunch). Read it. Admire the style, energy, and inventiveness. And the message has left me thinking.
William di Canzio,playwright and author

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